A Day in the Life of Amanda: A Recap

We’re feeling inspired, having followed Amanda around, watching as she fits time for herself into a very busy schedule.

As we’re prone to saying, wellness is more than your biology. It’s multidimensional, and so are you. And it’s important to check in with all of your dimensions, to make sure you’re living your healthiest life.

Amanda showed us how she’s able to maintain physical, emotional, social and intellectual wellness while working as a nurse, being a wife and a mother of two active kids:

 I try to get to the gym at least 3 times a week. It’s my “me” time. It helps me manage the stress in my life and lets me check in with myself (physical and emotional wellness!).

Reading falls into intellectual wellness for me, and can be good for my emotional wellness, too. I think my favorite thing about reading is the opportunity to learn and experience something that otherwise I never would. I tend to read mostly fiction and history-based fiction … real places and times with embellished events and interesting characters. I’m currently reading The Nightingale: a novel by Kristin Hannah. It’s about two sisters in France in the heart of WWII. I love learning about the grit of these two ladies in some of the most difficult situations a human could be in. As cliché as it sounds, I really enjoy the escape into a good story.

I love to cook. I love everything about it. Really. It’s part physical wellness and part intellectual wellness, too. Mostly I find cooking relaxing. It’s fun for me to try new recipes and then tweak them so they work for my family. I love bringing nutritious food to my kids and giving them the opportunity to try foods they think they don’t like. I find joy in feeding my family well. I love creating food I love to eat … and I do love to eat. I love learning how to fuel myself and my kids.

I think my favorite thing about being outdoors is the opportunity it provides me to spend good, quality time with my family and friends (social wellness!). We really focus on what is around us, taking in the sights and sounds and experiences that can be missed in the everyday shuffle. It really provides me with a mental break, no phones to check, no emails to answer, no house to clean or laundry to do; just me and my favorite people spending time together. Especially in the Snowy’s – it’s my happy place!

We hope you’re making time for yourself, too.

If you’re in need of some quick ideas, we have these easy wellness checklists, and when we find new motivations we love to share them on social media!