A Day In the Life of a Woman: Meet Amanda

Wellness: it’s more than our physical health. While going to the doctor, exercising, or cutting back on sweets is a great start, staying “well” also includes tending to our emotional, social, occupational, intellectual, and spiritual health. What does that look like for women in Cheyenne? Join us as we follow two women for a day in their lives, and discover how they incorporate wellness into their everyday routines.

First, meet Amanda. Amanda is a Registered Nurse and has been working as a circulating nurse in the Operating Room since 2013. In 2015 she took on the role of robotics coordinator at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.


Amanda is a wife and mom of a 9-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl. A self-proclaimed control freak, she still makes time to do what she loves, like cooking and reading.

Between balancing her kids’ soccer and gymnastics lessons, meal prepping, and twelve-hour shifts at the hospital, Amanda loves to camp and hike with family and friends. Getting to the gym a few days a week is a must. “It’s my ‘me’ time. It helps me manage stress and focus on myself,” Amanda says.

Next, we’ll share what a day in Amanda’s life looks like, and how she takes steps towards her overall health — every day.