A Day in the Life of a Woman: Meet Elizabeth

We’re on a quest for wellness, everyday, and we’d like you to meet our friend Elizabeth! She’s able to fit physical, social, and intellectual wellness into her routines to make sure she stays healthy and balanced. Here’s what Elizabeth has to say:


My name is Elizabeth and I am a proud wife to my husband, Seth. The Air Force brought us to Cheyenne and we have been here for about a year. I am currently a Zumba Instructor on base, but am seeking a job pertaining to my degree in Health Administration. Seth and I love to explore and try new things together, stay active, and spend time with our family and friends. One of our favorite things to do is try new restaurants. We adore everything about food! We love exploring the outdoors by going on hikes here in Wyoming and down in Colorado. Horsetooth Mountain in Fort Collins is one of our favorite places to go. Being so far from family makes spending time together difficult, but the wonderful technology of today gets us through (thank you FaceTime!). We have some pretty amazing friends here that we’ve met through the Air Force and we love spending quality time with them.

CWIP Elizabeth blog

A day in my life looks a bit different than it did a couple of weeks ago – I was recently laid off from my position as an Office Administrator due to a company downsize. While my days aren’t filled with 8 hours of office work anymore, I do keep myself quite busy! Here’s what a typical day looks like for me:

7:30am- Rise and shine and get ready for the day. I get up, get dressed or take a shower (depending on what’s planned for the day), brush my teeth, and throw on some makeup. I am very much a minimalist when it comes to makeup. Some eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara are it for me.

8:00am- Head to the kitchen to fix some breakfast. I fix some coffee and pair a cup with my Pumpkin Spice flavored creamer (yay for fall flavors!), a piece of toast, 2 scrambled eggs and some fresh fruit. I switch this up every few days, otherwise I get very bored of it. I also love oatmeal with some fresh fruit and honey!

8:10am- I open my computer and begin scouring the internet for jobs. I submit an application or two if I find something that interests me. Some of the applications take awhile! I also check emails and see what’s happening on social media.

9:30am- Household chores commence. I turn on some of my favorite tunes and start tidying up the house. Fold blankets, clear off the kitchen table (anyone else’s a catch-all?), load the dishwasher, and start some laundry. Wipe down kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and make the bed. The list of chores goes on and on. Some days I do more, like sweep and mop the floors, dust, and deep clean the bathrooms.

11:30am- Run errands. I run to the grocery store to pick up any items I might need for lunch and dinner, pick up toiletries, etc.

12:30pm- Make lunch! Have I mentioned how much I love food? Well, let me tell you, I love food! I strive to keep lunch light and healthy by having a yummy salad or a low-carb wrap stuffed with some chicken and lots of veggies. Sometimes lunch consists of leftovers from the night before. Again, I have to switch it up!

1:00pm- Reading break. Since I have time during the day, I take about an hour to read. Right now, I am reading Tuesdays With Morrie.

2:30pm- Time to bust out the computer again. I hop on the internet, check my emails, look for more jobs, and maybe find a good recipe for dinner. I have my tried and true favorites, but love trying new things in the kitchen.

3:30pm- If I’m not teaching Zumba I will use the next hour as my workout time. A bike ride or a walk on the Greenway is a nice way to get out of the house and get some fresh air. If the weather isn’t the best, I will go to the gym on base or do a workout at home.

4:30pm- Dinner prep. I’ll use this time to chop veggies, gather ingredients, etc. , so making dinner later is quicker and easier.

5:00pm- Head to the chiropractor. I see my chiropractor twice a week and am a firm believer in their practice. I have been going since June and have seen a huge improvement in my neck and back pain. It helps me feel great!

6:30pm- Time to make dinner. Seth isn’t always home due to his work schedule, but if he is we sit down and have a nice meal together. Turkey meatloaf, homemade mashed potatoes, and roasted broccoli is a favorite!

7:30pm- Quality time with Seth. Now is the time we move to the living room to watch some of our favorite shows together. We love watching shows on Netflix and we are currently watching Game of Thrones.

10:00pm- Time to hit the hay to start all over the next day! So, now you know what goes on in a typical day of my life. Of course, each day has its differences and my schedule isn’t always this exact. I teach Zumba on Thursdays and I started taking tap class on Mondays. Having a routine helps me balance my life and keep things like eating well and staying active a priority.

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