The Person You’ve Never Met Who is Essential to Your Health

One of the reasons the American College of Radiology has designated Cheyenne Radiology a Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence is that we have an amazing staff who are committed to compassionate care. When you come to Cheyenne Radiology, every member of our staff strives to provide the best diagnostic imaging care in the region.

Our receptionists are the first to welcome you and make you feel comfortable. Our technologists prepare you for the procedure and operate the machinery to guarantee the clearest, most detailed images possible. Then you find out the results of the image.

But what happened between your appointment and the day you received the results? Who decides if something on the image needs a closer look?

You need the clearest and most detailed images possible, but you also need the right eyes looking at them. At Cheyenne Radiology, the right eyes belong to our skilled and experienced Radiologists. You may never have met them, but their job is absolutely essential to your health. They’re responsible for interpreting and evaluating the images and judge whether anything looks suspicious and requires a follow up.

Without a talented Radiologist, changes in your health or potentially cancerous lumps can go unnoticed. And when it comes to your health, early detection of changes is so critical to a positive outcome. That’s why we’re proud of our Radiologists, who are the best in the region.

Someday, we may develop technology that can spot cancerous growths with 100% accuracy, but until then, you’re in good hands with the Radiologists at Cheyenne Radiology.