Preventative Care Means More than Mammography

For many women, annual routine mammograms are enough to assure early detection of breast cancer. But for women at a higher risk than average, it’s necessary to be even more proactive about their health.

As part of our commitment to providing the best care in the region, Cheyenne Women’s Imaging Pavilion doesn’t just offer several options for screening and diagnostic imaging, we offer genetic testing services as an additional option for your preventative care routine.

Genetic testing may be recommended in addition to regular screenings for women whose family history may indicate the presence of a mutated gene responsible for some rare cases of breast cancer, known as the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.

Some signs of the possibility of a mutated BRCA gene in your personal and family medical history are:

  • Breast cancer diagnosed before age 50
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Two breast cancers
  • Male breast cancer
  • Triple negative breast cancer
  • Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry and a family history of a hereditary breast or ovarian cancer
  • 3 or more cases of hereditary breast or ovarian cancer
  • A previously identified hereditary breast or ovarian syndrome mutation

If you suspect you may be at high risk and need additional screening and testing services as part of your breast health care, please talk to your doctor and if you decide that genetic testing is for you, ask for a referral to Cheyenne Women’s Imaging Pavilion at Cheyenne Radiology.